In Pursuit of Purpose!!

Hello All,  Welcome to BeYouBeBlessed!
I’ve decided to create this new blog in further exploration of myself and humanity in general.  Our ultimate goal in life should be to fulfill our destiny and writing is a part of mine.   So, I’ve decided to open this blog with some lessons that I’ve learned about pursuing purpose and dreams.
So here goes, my thoughts for the last couple of weeks have mainly been on where do I go from here.  I’ve recently obtained my Real Estate License, but I also quit a dead-end job that I was very good at but had no growth potential and had no bearing on my dreams or aspirations.  Now, I’m temping for another small company that can’t nearly pay my bills.  It’s scary not knowing if you’ll be able to make next months rent, car note, insurance, etc.  But I am confident in knowing that I made the right decision and that God has orchestrated this divine move.
When you’re a kid or teenager, you have dreams and desires that you never think aren’t going to happen, but the key to fulfilling those things is to research how to make it happen.  The problem that I’m dealing with is having had many dreams when I was younger but having no concrete plan as to how I would achieve them, and that my friends is a recipe for disaster and if you never realize the problem, it’s a recipe for failure and destruction. So, what have I been doing these last couple of weeks, pondering almost plotting what it is I need to do to get where I want to be.  And I must say it’s hard work.So, what have I learned in the last couple of weeks:
1) Friends and family don’t always understand and they are not going to always be there—they have lives to live themselves.
2) Dreams don’t just come true, it takes planning and perseverance.
3) Money is essential in pursuing your dream.
4) No one wants to talk to someone who always seems to be depressed—you may not be depressed but always thinking and pondering can make it seem that way.
5) Don’t give up on your dream because it is attainable if you really want it.
6) There will always be obstacles—just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.

And the last one is a real kicker,

7) If you have dreams of being a entrepreneur and you are tired of being an employee–like I am, it’s virtually impossible to find a job because it’s almost like you wear it as a veil and everyone sees it. I mean I have never been turned down for so many jobs in my life.  Not to brag, but in my not so distant past, if I made it to the interview, I ALWAYS got the job.  As of late, I’ve made it to 3 interviews and have been turned down by all, even though the interviewer and I seemed to have great comradery.
All of that to say, purposeful pursuit of destiny is essential, grinding is mandatory but not at all easy.
Until next time,
Be Blessed, Be Loved but most of all BE YOU!!You honestly can’t be someone you’re not…God made you an original not a carbon copy.

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