The Pathology of YOU-2

I recently finished Iyanla Vanzant’s book Peace from Broken Pieces, let me just say AGAIN…this lady is  a brilliant of gift of God in the art of repairing broken relationships, whether it be with yourself or others.

Because I’ve been reading and identifying some issues in my life for a while now, and finally decided, well was led to read this book that I bought months ago, I must say that it was in divine order that I read this book at this time in my life.

Short synopsis, my mom and I have a difficult relationship.  Don’t get me wrong, we talked regularly, went shopping maybe twice a month but we never addressed the huge elephant that was always stumbling and thrumpling our relationship.  And I’ve known it for a long time, since I was a kid in fact, but never knew how to deal with it.  I am totally different from my family, mainly, my mother.  But although, we are different, some of her issues have shown up in my life.  Some I’ve overcome but others are a struggle.  My mom had my brother at 15 and me at 17, so she had to forget about her life and become an adult rather quickly to raise her children.  The problem was/is she was a child, raising children.  She had help from my grandmother, who stepped up to help her baby raise her babies.

Well, this book has made me realize some things in my personality and character that were the pathology that ran through my bloodline…generational curses.  When we think of curses we think of limbs falling off, growing extra parts or some other ridiculousness.  But Ms. Iyanla Vanzant has done an excellent job of identifying some things that guide us perhaps unconsciously, which she calls Pathology or generational karmic energy. What is pathology, the study of nature and origin of disease…disease is in the blood.

So, the question is What residue are you battling because of your bloodline, because of your pathology?

Until Next time, Be Blessed, Be Loved but most of all BE YOU!!!

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