No One Can Love YOU Unconditionally But GOD!

This morning I’ve had love on my mind.  Particularly, unconditional love.  I was really thinking is there a human that is capable of giving unconditional love.  I think our parents come as close as possible but still they’re love has conditions even if they don’t want to admit it.  I mean really,  parents offer you support, love, when you were younger clothing and shelter but there really were conditions connected.  Your part of the bargain was don’t embarrass me, sit down and shut up, don’t touch nothing when we get in this store, etc.  And those conditions are okay I guess when you’re a child.  But as you grow the conditions do change SLIGHTLY.    Parents have a way of trying to push what they want on you and into your life and then will try to make you feel guilty if you refuse it, mothers in particular.  The expectations are endless.

We even love ourselves conditionally. Think about it, we want the perfect body, subconsciously or consciously telling ourselves, when I’m the ideal weight or size, when I get my degree or when I get married.  We love ourselves as long as we FEEL good or are pursuing something, but honestly is that LOVE.  NO, it is not.  God is the only Being that loves without conditions.  He even accepts your shortcomings, and let’s face it, with us humans there are many.

My research about love has yielded some interesting findings.  Apparently there are four kinds of love. Storge which is affection, I mean most of us express this kind of love to our pets or, uhm car and wardrobe.  Phileo is friendship, hence why Philadelphia means the city of brotherly love.  Eros is romantic love, this is for all of the lovers out there, this is sexual love and finally there is Agape, which is unconditional love.

So Agape Love is the love we all need, but are unable to offer.  Therefore, God is essential.  As a matter of fact the Bible says in 1 John 4:16 that God IS LOVE.  That is profound, the very thing that we are all searching for is EVERYWHERE.  The All Seeing, All Knowing God, wants to be in relationship with you and He makes Himself available but do we make ourselves available to Him.  Or are we pursuing love in all of the wrong places, like gyms, universities, bars and the like.  Don’t at all misunderstand me, Love, all forms of it, storge, phileo, eros and agape, is mandatory in this life, is a necessity just as air is.  But the question is what “love” are you pursuing and will the pursuit yield any tangible dividends.  And is it really love at all?

We make love difficult, one of the things that’s supposed to be so simple we complicate.  God’s love will complete you.  Know that nothing or no one can love you the way that God does.  Love is God’s character, therefore He is unable to fail at it.  We however, as humans, are flawed, we try to love unconditionally but that is simply not in our capacity.

So in conclusion, stop looking outside to find love. Stop looking for materials things to find love. Start looking up into the heavens and there it is Love Unconditional, The All Mighty God.

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places?

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed, Be LOVED but most of all Be YOU!!!

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