My Openness

I’ve been told several times by one person in particular that I’m way too open.  As in, I give way too much information and detail.  I’ve tried to change that but honestly, it’s just a part of me.  I think one reason is that I’ve spent so much time alone–so called being a loner, that I’m just simply done hiding.  If any person reads my story and feels its too open, then it isn’t for them.  I’ve bottled up so much past stuff–hurts, disappointments etc, that purging is necessary and the only physical cure, the rest must be done spiritually.  A lot of this has been healed or in the process of being healed, however, I’m afflicted with a condition called human, so it will continue until God calls me home.

Another reason for the openness is that I’ve learned that telling your story gives others permission or the freedom to tell theirs. I’ve been commended by others for my openness and candidness-is that a word, well it is now.  And those are the people that all of this is for.  We all have a story and it’s mandatory that it’s told to heal you of your hurts but also to help heal others hurts and to let people know, that you are not alone in dysfunction…we all have some level of it.  But the great thing is that we have a GOD who says “not so.”  He sees passed the dysfunction and disease and sees His original creation.

God is not surprised by who you are, what you’ve gone through, where you’ve been or how you act.  He knows that all of those things will push, pull, tackle, commandeer you into being YOU–the original.  Don’t let someones idea of what you should be and do be the driving force that makes you a carbon copy of them.  Their advice may be genuine and coming from things that THEY’VE experienced and it may work for them and it may, in fact, work for you as well. But it’s okay if you have to not take that advice and figure things out yourself.  Hey, it’s all a part of being YOU!!

Are you unconsciously or conscious trying to conform to being a falsified version of them?  You are God’s original stopping striving to be a carbon copy.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed, Be Loved but most of all BE YOU!!

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