All Things Desire

Another beautifully delicious poem taken from “Love Poems from GOD” by Daniel Ladinsky.


All Things Desire

All things desire to be like GOD,

and infinite space is a mirror

that tries to reflect HIS body.


But it can’t.

All that infinite existence can show us of  HIM

is only an atom of God’s Being.

GOD stood behind HIMSELF one night and cast a

brilliant shadow from which creation came.


Even this shadow is such a flame that

moths consume their selves in it every second–

with their sacred passion to possess

beautiful forms.


Existence mirrors GOD the best it can

though how arrogant for any image in that mirror,

for any human being, to think they know

HIS will;

For HIS will has never been spoken,

HIS voice would ignite

the earth’s wings

and all upon it.


We invent truths about GOD to protect ourselves

from the wolf’s cries we hear and make.


ALL things desire to be like GOD,

all things desire to LOVE.

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