Invitable Changes and Power Struggles

Well, it’s the 1st of November 2014. I’m in a much better place spiritually than I was at the beginning of the year. Of course some bumps in the road, but they were/are simply growing pains.  I’ve come to the realization that I am weird…and it’s okay, because I’ve been learning self love which includes all of my quirks and eccentricities. Being your authentic self is a lot to work through, because we’ve essentially been put in the boxes of family expectations, career/job requirements and everyday lives of conformity.  I’m learning at this junction in my life to be willing to upset some people.  It could be your parents, it may be your boss and it just may be societies conformist.  Power struggles are inevitable because everyone wants to be important.  And it’s okay, but you have a right to decide who and what has importance and significance in your life.  Life is a gift and anything or anyone that drains the energy out of your life has to be eliminated.

The Divine, I no longer call it God, because it’s so commercial, made us in it’s image. And the Divine is energy, therefore we are energy as well, but with the Divine also giving us free will, we decide how we cultivate that energy and make it grow or deplete.  Anything or anyone causing a deficit in your energy supply must go…that includes your old ways, beliefs and phobias.

I’ve been studying Chakra (our energy centers) healing and balancing, meditating and setting intentions.  It seems the Eastern part of the world knew of these divine things far, far longer than us Westerners.  Thank the Divine for the internet.

We’ve been forced to bottle up so much of ourselves in an ill-fated effort to fit in. But once we start clearing all of the debris and rubbish, we will then shine as bright as the Gold that the Divine intended.  I’ve learned that the very things that your parents, most likely, punished you for, or stifled or dismissed is a major part of your purpose.  Think about it…were you just a talkative little kid and was always in trouble for something you said, well, you may have been purposed to be some sort of orator.  Were you always in trouble for not being able to keep still or a busybody, perhaps you’re a world-traveler, were you accused of not obeying authority, perhaps you’re someone who is called to correct authority.  Just think about the thing/s that were a constant struggle for you when you were under your parents supervision and cultivate that.  The Divine will meet you there.

Be Blessed, Be Loved but most of all BE YOU!!

Light and Love!!


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