It has been a good year so far.  It’s now March of 2016, I’m a month away from completing my massage therapy schooling.  Something I set out to do last year.  Sometimes when things don’t go as planned, it’s the Divine’s way of putting you in the right place at the right time.  I’d decided to go to massage therapy school because it coincides with the other modalities of energy work that I’m interested in practicing.  To know that this dream is coming  to fruition is so exciting and a bit overwhelming.  When you’re in The Divine’s timing, things come together.  I feel as though every one of my class mates were and are connected from another life.  We immediately meshed, there are always  one or two that you’re not going to get along with perfectly but overall it has been such a blessing to commune with them and to complete this era of our lives simultaneously.

I’ve left quite a few things in the past and am happy that I did.  I’ve chosen to embrace my uniqueness and my path.  I am the Nomadic Gypsy.  So, with that being said, embrace, accept and love who you are.


Until next time,

Be blessed, be loved but most of all be you!  💖


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